Al Wynn Media Productions was given birth in the Summer of 2011 on Chicago's CAN-TV Channel 19 as Mr. Wynn address the problems that are facing our youth daily; as many adults faced fear passing many in the heat of the night our community streets.


Mr. Wynn, looking back on his own childhood had faced the same problems of adults not understanding him and has stated many times that if it was not for an adult taking interest in his welfare he really do not know what would have happen to him. He further states that many times it only take one person with love and care to turn another's life around for the best, so with these thoughts in mind Al Wynn Media Production was given birth with all of our youths best welfare in mind.



Some months later, Al started broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio every Saturday afternoon for an half hour to take his message out not only in Chicago but global because he wanted to reach out to every youth globally. The BlogTalkRadio listener phone number to Al's show is 1 (619) 638-8450. For media information, Al's Books, Unity construction Company, Al's Youth Programs call: (312) 221-4767


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Community Leader, BlogTalkRadio and Chicago's CAN-TV Host, Al Wynn, President/CEO of The Royal Order of Baltimore a mentor youth and training organization will be going from town to town in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois; communicating with the township's governmental bodies and it's residences in obtaining assistance to help our youth's in these communities to learned a trade and to become successful adults.


This has been Mr. Wynn's life long goal and dream, giving back to the community by assisting it's voiceless and troubled youths. The Royal Order Of Baltimore, a not for profit 501 c3 organization will be Al's platform where he will stand boldly, loudly, verbalizing that “Our youths are worth our attention and time!” “Lets work together so that they will be a group of youths that we will truly be proud of.”


Although, he is moving ahead along with a strong will and prayer towards his goals of assisting our youths in having a bright and successful future, he needs your help. The good book states that we must “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves” which includes our youths. Each of us should have a second chance in doing the right thing. If you can and will find it within your heart; each of the youths we are currently working with and those in the near future that will come our way; will truly be grateful to each of you, for there are times when each of us could used a helping hand from time to time. For more information contact Mr. Al Wynn at 1 (312) 221-4767


Send your donations to Al Wynn P. O. Box 438837 Chicago, Illinois 60643-8837