Trials & Tribulations Of Life are very important words too Business Man and Community Leader Mr. Al Wynn and have very powerful meanings from his life as a youth growing into manhood. There is accountability and consequences for all choices or mistakes one makes in life whether they are good or bad. There are lessons to be learned.


In this elementary school of life and/or college of hard knocks, Al Wynn came out with a doctors degree and his life as he moves forward positively to create a ever standing platform for all youths to improved others lives as well as their own through the mistakes and lives lessons that he speaks about during his Chicago's CAN-TV or BlogTalkRadio shows and his books that he has author.



Mr. Wynn's main concerns are assisting youths in making the right choices in their lives thought teaching them live skills and trades in which they can have a very successful and great life as an male or female in this ever changing world.


After spending sometime within the prison system, he started to learn the ways of being a business man and during this school of hard knocks he owned many difference types which he has hired many youths over the years passed training each into successful adults.

For further information on Al Wynn's BlogTalkRadio, Chicago's CAN-TV Shows, Books or his other youth programs contract him at (312) 221-4667.




Community Leader, BlogTalkRadio and Chicago's CAN-TV Host, Al Wynn, President/CEO of The Royal Order of Baltimore a mentor youth and training organization will be going from town to town in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois; communicating with the township's governmental bodies and it's residences in obtaining assistance to help our youth's in these communities to learned a trade and to become successful adults.


This has been Mr. Wynn's life long goal and dream, giving back to the community by assisting it's voiceless and troubled youths. The Royal Order Of Baltimore, a not for profit 501 c3 organization will be Al's platform where he will stand boldly, loudly, verbalizing that “Our youths are worth our attention and time!” “Lets work together so that they will be a group of youths that we will truly be proud of.”


Although, he is moving ahead along with a strong will and prayer towards his goals of assisting our youths in having a bright and successful future, he needs your help. The good book states that we must “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves” which includes our youths. Each of us should have a second chance in doing the right thing. If you can and will find it within your heart; each of the youths we are currently working with and those in the near future that will come our way; will truly be grateful to each of you, for there are times when each of us could used a helping hand from time to time. For more information contact Mr. Al Wynn at 1 (312) 221-4767


Send your donations to Al Wynn P. O. Box 438837 Chicago, Illinois 60643-8837