Trials & Tribulations Of Life and the Environmental Traps are words that most do not understand fully once one get caught up within. No, we are not talking about a physical environmental trap such as being trap in a fire, rock fall, poison fog or ground spikes but being trap in a situation or situations where we could have control but our levels of low self esteem or self worth will not let one escape as it pertains to feeling a need to belong to the crowd in the cities or communities one lives.


Environmental Traps and Trials & Tribulations Of Life are deadly to those who do not have families or friends as a support system where one get caught up in the antagonistic and incompatible ways of the streets that leads them into problems with their families and the law.


Mr. Wynn during a youthful period of his life was caught up within a environmental trap that could have cause him his life or very long periods of time in prison. Many time he has stated on his monthly Chicago CAN-TV Shows and weekly BlogTalkRadio Shows that he is very concern about our youth and through his examples he tries to lead each young girl and boy down the rights roads of success.



During the many years of adulthood Mr. Wynn have hired many youths both male and females in his different business and taught them how to run their own business. In his book entitled Trials & Tribulation Of Life he explains what he went through as a youth, living homeless in a car with his dog and the story goes from that point and upwards success as an adult businessman. This is truly a inspirational book that every one that lives in communities that their environment have or just may trap them to the point of each believing that there is nothing one can do about their current problems and there are no factual way of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.   

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Community Leader, BlogTalkRadio and Chicago's CAN-TV Host, Al Wynn, President/CEO of The Royal Order of Baltimore a mentor youth and training organization will be going from town to town in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois; communicating with the township's governmental bodies and it's residences in obtaining assistance to help our youth's in these communities to learned a trade and to become successful adults.


This has been Mr. Wynn's life long goal and dream, giving back to the community by assisting it's voiceless and troubled youths. The Royal Order Of Baltimore, a not for profit 501 c3 organization will be Al's platform where he will stand boldly, loudly, verbalizing that “Our youths are worth our attention and time!” “Lets work together so that they will be a group of youths that we will truly be proud of.”


Although, he is moving ahead along with a strong will and prayer towards his goals of assisting our youths in having a bright and successful future, he needs your help. The good book states that we must “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves” which includes our youths. Each of us should have a second chance in doing the right thing. If you can and will find it within your heart; each of the youths we are currently working with and those in the near future that will come our way; will truly be grateful to each of you, for there are times when each of us could used a helping hand from time to time. For more information contact Mr. Al Wynn at 1 (312) 221-4767


Send your donations to Al Wynn P. O. Box 438837 Chicago, Illinois 60643-8837